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Adult Racing

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You clicked on the racing tab to hear about indoor kart racing. You can get to the mundane details of price, rules and all that easily in other parts of our website.

If you are looking for a uniquely fun and affordable adventure in motorsports kart racing at Victory Lane Indoor Karting is the answer. Our racing karts are specially designed for competition, have extremely responsive handling and quick acceleration comparable to an expensive racing vehicle.

Racing at VLK is about wheel to wheel, nose to tail racing. Karting here is mentally and physically challenging, requiring all the skills and offering all the thrills of full scale motor racing and structured for the whole family. At VLK the size of your wallet has been removed from the competition equation and replaced with identical karts, equally prepared and meticulously maintained. The skill of the driver is the determining factor in almost every finish.

Trash talking is left in the pit as you exit and realize that regardless of your racing pedigree or lack thereof, you are in learning mode as the VLK track surface throws you four different looks as you transition from grip to slick to a combination depending on your line in any corner or the temperature of the surface and tires. This is a track that will reward finesse and send the knuckle dragger home whimpering and looking for his blankie.

It does not matter if you are looking to advance into the top tiers of motorsports or just looking for great family fun, our staff will make sure you feel a part of our racing family here at VLK. We have an international reputation as “Your Place to Race” for novice and experts.

Come race with us!



  Annual Race License   $10.00  (includes 1 free Birthday race)
  **Temporary Race License   $7
  1 Race per person   $20.00
  3 Races per person   $50.00
  4 Races per person   $55.00 (Best Value – Save $25)
  *Race License is required in order to race*

**License is valid for 1 week.
***Call ahead for track availability. Open racing only

All racing packages are sold per person, and not to be transferred between drivers.


ADULT KARTINGThe kart is the difference between adult and youth races. Adults race in Sodi GT-5, New Generation Karts,powered by 270cc Honda engines equipped with a hydraulic clutch and gearbox.