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If you are a racer, racing fan or weekend race warrior we encourage you to become a member.

Membership is $10 for 365 days or $7 for a one week pass.

The immediate benefit of membership walks up and slaps you in the face.  Your Membership gives you a FREE race during your Birth Month! (You will receive an email coupon for your birthday race)

We often describe a VLK membership as a no-brainer simply because you begin saving $$$ immediately. The other benefits come seeping into your consciousness and you will learn those other more important benefits of membership as you become more involved in the racing and other special events we host.

Some visit often because they have developed connections with a diverse group of friends through kart racing. Some bring family because we offer racing opportunities for spouse and children.

The fitness benefits begin to manifest themselves after running just one, eight minute heat. The strength and cardiovascular benefits are obvious and Millenials and Gen Xers are more focused on their health and fitness.

Our world has become increasingly complex and participation at VLK satisfies a couple of the most basic of human needs: friendship and fellowship. Some use our facility and it’s events as a networking opportunity.

Participation in VLK’s endurance events bring racers from around the world and we all benefit from new friendships with these racers of differing nationalities, all walks of life, all racing under the same rules and conditions.