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Fastest and most challenging Road Course in the US

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There are as many indoor kart track layouts as there are indoor kart tracks. Most including VLK are constrained by limited space and building support impediments. Our choice is to minimize the effects of those constraints by continual innovation and evolution of both the layout and the surface. This approach affords our customers a unique challenge if they are running for the first time or after 100’s of races. Some industry websites have conducted polls and the experienced racers have described our track and its surface as the most challenging they have raced.

Starting at VLK’s start/finish you quickly approach the “Double Kink 1”which puts you into the late apex right hand turn 1, a short run to our turn 2 left hander and a similar run to set up for a fast and edgy right hand turn 3, followed by a longer high speed straight into “The Right Kink” and a quick set up for a very late apex 120 degree left turn 4 followed after 30 feet by a 180 degree right turn 5 another 90 foot straight and into a very fast sweeping right hand turn 6 onto another flat out straight into “The Left Kink” and quickly into the tight 180 degree left hand turn 7 a short run into “The Double Kink 2” and then a quick set up for the right hand turn 8 and back across the start/finish line. Don’t worry, most customers claim the pucker goes away after running several heats.