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Private Meetings


Victory Lane Karting can accommodate a number of different meeting formats and programming requirements. Please review some options here:

We often think of saying thank you to our clients around the holidays with a card or a call but did you know you could easily bring together your best customers in one fun and exciting location with a special event catered to showing how you feel about them? At VLK we specialize in helping companies to showcase their wares and bring out the best about their company while inviting their customers to an event that is fun and enjoyable. In an informal setting such as this you have the chance to really shine, sharing new insights with your customers and initiating potential new business with the strengthened bond you are creating. Call our corporate sales team for more details. 704-377-3278

Political, civic, houses of worship, car clubs are all accommodated at VLK and our facilities are designed to accommodate any size meeting from 1 to 1000! An in-house event planner will work with you to make all the arrangements for a successful meeting; from the type of seating formats that are a perfect fit to the size audience you expect, to the right dining settings and audio/visual facilities to conduct your meeting in style and with refinement but in an exciting setting that participants will appreciate.

Victory Lane Karting is a regular setting for non-profit fundraising events due both to its size and flexible accommodations as well as excellent event planning. Including participatory activities with campaigns to raise funds increases both the number of people who attend an event and the amount of money they donate. VLK has over 10 years experience hosting wonderful events such as the Kings Cup to honor and raise money for disabled / paralyzed veterans and the Jeff Gordon Foundation. We regularly work with local and regional organizations to plan events that wow everyone involved. Give us a call to learn more.

Although product launches are among the most common types of corporate events, they can often be some of the more innovative occasions, limited only by your imagination! Based on your budget, the size and scope of a product launch can vary greatly, and can take a variety of forms. The most innovative product launches will often involve partnerships between multiple sponsors – media companies and fashion companies, or tech companies with non-profit organizations, for example. Many unique collaborations have been made to further promote distinct brands as well as augment their power through their combined presence.

Victory Lane Indoor Karting is a unique place to have your product launch. With our huge 100,000 sq ft venue, VLK can turn the entire facility into your vision and your dream Product Launch! Call VLK for detail at 704.377.3278 or email at

Victory Lane Karting can prepare an entire program for you including seminar handouts, gift bags, catering, audio/visual facilities, dining options, even branding and promotion of your event and post event survey feedback. Call one of our corporate sales team members to learn further details.

Set up your trade show spread out over 100,000 sq. ft. of contiguous space. VLK can accommodate booth style setups including power requirements at each booth .