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Racing Rules


The karts at VLK are racing karts capable of high speed, and for that reason safety is the first priority. The following are some of the rules and regulations that you must follow. You will be briefed before you get onto the track but we like to be up front on acceptable behavior before our customers arrive. vlk_racing_karting_rules
These Sodi racing karts will go much faster than the track will allow so you will need to use all your skills to stay out of the wall and off other karts. You must use your brakes to get through some corners. Your left foot is for the brake and right foot is for the gas. Don’t push both at the same time. We require you to wear closed-toed shoes. Also, you will need to keep both hands on the wheel, ten and two o’clock. No Bumping other karts and stay off the walls!
  1. Your helmet should be on and the strap should be buckled.
  2. Your track official will assign a kart and make adjustments to your seat and pedals if necessary.
  3. After leaving the pit apply the brakes to get the feel. They are different from your automobile brakes.
  4. Take the first lap slow, the clock has not started, do not race. Increase speed as you feel comfortable, but without bumping another kart or hitting the wall. The kart has no governor and we do not use electronic controls.
  5. This is a non-contact sport. These are not bumper karts. If you are seen hitting another kart or the barrier system (intentionally or not), you will be given a warning with a black flag. If you get two black flags, you will be removed from the track. We do not give refunds for reckless driving.
  6. Never slow down or stop on the track to wait for a friend as this can create a dangerous situation, for which you will be black-flagged.

The VLK owners and staff are dedicated to providing a great racing environment to the first-timer, the league racer and the seasoned professional. In that spirit, we allow you to go as fast as you are capable without hitting other karts or the wall.

The perfect lap has never been run here, so come on out, get in the kart and give it a try.

Most importantly, have fun!!!

The picture below illustrates the results of 2 types of mistakes:
SLIDING-SIDEWAYS SLIDING SIDEWAYS (by entering a turn too fast.)
A DIVE BOMB (putting a 4 foot wide kart into a 2 foot gap) is almost always followed by a t-bone, followed by rib injury. Resist the temptation.

During the race your track official communicates with you using the flags and signs shown below:


A yellow light during the race tells you to be aware of a problem on the track, look ahead and slow in the area of the incident and do not pass another kart on a yellow.

The checkered flag is the end of the race. Slow down, do not pass, do a cool down lap and then pull into the pit or take other direction from the track official.


Means do not hit, scrape, rub, stroke, bump or go on top of or over the black tire barrier.


Means do not slide the kart sideways to the point that you may slow or stop and be hit.


Is what it is.  Needs no further Explanation!


Sometimes we use this sign and sometimes we just tell you to get out of the kart. (We are asking you to take off your stupid hat)


Move right or left.  Just get out of the way!


Usually shown along with the checkered flag. Means the race is over. You are now on a cool down lap designed to slow the karts down while the staff can safely get the karts to the pit. It is sometimes shown with a strobe light and 7 flashing yellow lights.